Aim of the Course:

Purpose of the course is to gain the general knowledge in design of gun ammunition. Numerical examples are run by professional dedicated programs using “practical data” to illustrate the capability of the theory.

Who should attend?

The course is intended for students, engineers - researchers in the research institutions and engineers in the productions factories. It is basic course in ammunition design.


Duration is two weeks (twelve working days); 50 lectures (one lecture duration 45 min), but other arrangement is possible.

Course Outline

1. Artillery Ammunition - General
Types and Classification of Complete Rounds. Types of Projectiles. Projectile Components. Fuzes, Boosters, and Detonators. Explosives. Propelling Charges. General Design Requirements.
2. Design for Terminal Effects
Introduction. Blast Effect. Characteristics of High Explosives. Shaped Charge Ammunition. Fragmentation. Kinetic Energy Ammunition for the Defeat of Armor. Canister Ammunition. High-Explosive Plastic (HEP) Shells. Special Purpose Shells.
3. Design for Flight Characteristics
Design for Precision. Design for Maximum Range or Minimum Time of Flight. Projectile Geometry.
4. Design for Protection
Propellants and Interior Ballistics. Cartridge Case and Gun Chamber Design.
5. Design for Projection
Rotating Band and Rifling Design. Stress in Shell.
6. Inspection Aspects of Artillery Ammunition Design
Quality Assurance Aspects of Ammunition Design. Effect of Dimensioning and Tolerancing on Inspection.
7. Manufacture of Metallic Components of Artillery Ammunition
Introduction. Forging of HE Shells. Machining of HE Shells. Cold Extrusion of HE Shell Compromise Method of Shell Forming. Manufacture of High-Explosive Plastic Shells. Manufacture of Armor-Piercing Shot and Caps. The Manufacture of Hypervelocity Armor-Piercing (HVAP) Shots. The Manufacture of Tungsten Carbide Cores. The Manufacture of Brass Cartridge Cases. The Manufacture of Drawn-Steel Cartridge Cases. The Manufacture ol Trapezoidal Wrapped Steel Cartridge Cases. The Manufacture of Perforated Cartridge Cases.

Lecturer: Mr Bozidar Zakula