• Stinger
Program name: STINGER - Semi-empirical Shaped Charge Code
Version/Year: Version 2.1, 2014.
Capability: The STINGER is a computer code to address the shaped charge problem. The code accurately predicts jet-tip velocity and treats the buildup of the massive lead pellet for confined and unconfined charge Calculation of the pellet is accomplished in the code by including time dependent acceleration and material compressibility in the region of the liner near the apex of the conical liner. Comparison of the results from the code with experiments, as well as to more sophisticated hydrodynamic computer codes, showed good agreement. Program has a clear GUI for entering data, manipulating with data and controlling the execution. The results of calculation are printed in files and plotted on graphs.
Purpose: Detail calculation of all parameters of shape charge jet and penetration process for constant and various depth of liner and calotte on the top of the cone liner. Analysis of the influence of various design parameters – liner geometry, initiation point, charge characteristics and others, on the jet penetrability, optimal standoff, jet diameter and deep of penetration in homogenous armor.
Method: The STINGER is basically analytical code. It utilizes a modified version in the metal acceleration model of Defourneaux to account for both the final liner velocity and its acceleration history. The code includes the jet formation theory of Pugh, Eichelberger, and Rostoker; the shaped-charge penetration theory of DePersio, Simon and Merendino for penetration-standoff curves and the piece wise penetration of Defourneaux for whole profiles.
Origin: Original development based on published literature and own experience.
Platform: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
Required software: None
Authors: Mr Bozidar Zakula, Dr Miodrag Curcin
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