• FragPred
Program name: FragPred - Fragmentation Prediction
Version/Year: Version 3.0, 2016.
Capability: Calculation of number of fragments produced by the detonation of the high explosive (HE) warhead. Calculation of distributions, of fragment’s mass, linear and angular velocity in the polar zones surrounding the projectile. Prediction of parameters of the effective lethal area of naturally fragmenting warheads. Program has a clear GUI for entering and manipulating with data, and for controlling the execution. The results of calculation are printed in files and plotted on graphs.
Purpose: Simple and fast, prediction of lethal area parameters with high reliability. Simulation of parameters that can be experimentally obtained from Arena and Pit tests. Powerful tool for weapon designers and warhead test. Computer program written specifically for naturally fragmenting warheads design and analysis.
Method: A two dimension space, time dependent, fluid dynamic computer code. Metal casing is treated as sets of mass points of which motion is found along with the gas flow. The gas dynamics following detonation of the explosive is Lagrangian, with provision for slippage along the metal boundary. A conventional Lagrangian scheme with artificial viscosity is used for the interior gas dynamics. Gas grid points are made to slide along the metal boundary.
Origin: Original development based on published literature and own experience.
Platform: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
Required software: None
Authors: Mr Bozidar Zakula, Dr Miodrag Curcin
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