• ProMoS-6DoF
Program name: ProMoS-6DoF Projectile Motion Simulation – Six DoF model
Version/Year: Version 4.2.0, 2020.
Capability: Calculation of trajectory, firing table data and stability parameters (six degrees of freedom model) for uncontrolled projectile with and without rocket assistance and with and without base-bleed unit. Calculation of the dispersion of end points of trajectory. Calculation of supplementary firing tables.
Purpose: Detail calculation of all quantities of trajectory of various types of unguided projectiles including data for firing tables and firing elements (firing problem). Checking the stability. Analysis of the influence of various disturbances on the dispersion. Calculation of parameters of base-bleed unit parameters along trajectory.
Method: Numerical integration of six degrees of freedom equations of motion of projectile as a rigid body with or without rocket motor assistance and with and without base-bleed. Solving the nonlinear equation describing process in base-bleed unit. Monte-Carlo and differential coefficient simulation of the dispersion. Numerical solution of nonlinear equations for initial conditions to solve firing problem.
Origin: Original development based on published literature and own experience.
Platform: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
Required software: None
Authors: Dr Miodrag Curcin
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